Open Voice Communication System for Space Mission Control

Enable Collaboration

Openvocs is a simple, open and flexible architecture for Space Mission Control Room Voice Conferencing Systems. It contains a custom systems library build around an independent WebRTC gateway implementation in combination with a Microservices based Media Conferencing backend. Both components are integrated using a command and control server infrastructure based on JSON event messaging technologies.

As client interface openvocs will provide a webbased implementation based on a Secure Websockets Signaling channel in combination with a WebRTC based media channel. The client makes use of, and showcases, the openvocs API.

Openvocs SHALL enable system designs with component-based implementations and interoperability between different vendors for different parts of the system. Focus of openvocs development is to enable collaboration independent of location and device access.


Core idea of openvocs is to implement all Domain Specific Requirements for Mission Control Room Conferencing. We want to enable usage and combination of standard "Out of the Shelf" telecommunication as well as IT components, to build flexible, maintainable and customizable Communication System for Mission Control Room Conferencing.


Openvocs SHALL enable collaboration independent of location and device access. We want to enable any device with HCI including voice transmission to become a potential device for Mission Control Room Conferencing. The most promising technology for such an approach is the use of standard webtechnologies, in particular WebRTC.


Openvocs was initiated at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and is implemented under lead of the German Space Operations Center (GSOC) as a collaborative research project in cooperation with the DLR lab for Simulation and Software Technology, in particular the Software Engineering Group of the departement for Intelligent and Distributed Systems.

This webpage is the central information point about any topics related to the openvocs project. It is maintained by the openvocs core team, in particular the initiator and main developmer of the project, Markus Toepfer. Nonetheless, blog content displays the openvocs team private opinion and may not to be interpreted as the official opinion of the DLR.


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We are open for external partnerships. If you are interessted in working with, or on topics for Space Mission Control Room Conferencing Systems, you are very welcome to write a message to contact@openvocs.org.


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